Stuff Black People Don’t Like is a blog for, well, the kind of white people black people don’t like. Also the kind of white people that some white people don’t like… you know, prior to Tuesday I would have said “most white people don’t like” but sadly I’m not so sure about that.


SBPDL (!!!TRIGGER WARNING – RACISM!!!) recently ran an article that wasn’t really about anything other than an excuse for SBPDL readers to really define down the word “deplorable”. Commenter ejit kept it relatively classy and thus earned the right to be the source of today’s DWP:


Johnny excused himself as he awkwardly scooted past a score of fans sitting on the uncomfortable, ridged, metal bleachers. He held a plastic cup in each hand and with each shuffling step he looked down at the sloshing beer within the cups and grimaced.

With only minimal spillage he made his way back to Tim, squeezed in next to him and offered his buddy one of the drinks.

“Thanks, man.” Tim didn’t take his eyes off the game. “”Oh, come on! You patzer, you suck!”

“Dude, that’s Meller!” Johnny was flabbergasted. Sure, Meller missed an easy catch but, hell, it was Meller! He took them to the championships last year.

“So, what?” Tim took a long pull of his beer. “Come on, 16! You dumb sonuvahbitch. Hustle, damn it, hustle!”

“16? Now Gilmartin’s fair game? Why even come down here if you’re just going to bitch about the team? I mean, maybe if they were losing but they’re up. Look at that scoreboard.”

Tim side-eyed Johnny. “Oh look at you. Christ, these guys suck. Look, it’s just fun. Okay? No one watches this crap because they really care about the game. Hey. Hey! Get your head in the game, Dominguez, good Lord, are you blind? People just love to talk shit, to mix it up a little. That’s the real sport. What is going on here? You guys suck. Do you hear me? You all suck!”

Johnny held the rim of the plastic cup with his fingertips and rotated his wrist, thin streams of weak beer sloshed over and dribbled onto the metal bleachers. He looked around at the other fans to see if any of them had heard Tim. Several of them clearly had and Johnny’s cheeks flushed and burned.


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