You know what Michelle Obama and Denzel Washington have in common? They are both THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME PERIOD. You know who doesn’t agree? The two racist women detailed in this Washington Post article. You know who else doesn’t agree? Adios_Hussein_O who crafted today’s DWP (apologies for not having a link to the actual comment. I’m a dumb-dumb and did not grab it when I first found this comment and have been unable to find it again).


(heads up, this on is kind of gross)

He ate her by the forkful, one eye on the door and the other on the shrinking plateful of meat in front of him. Yes, yes, he would carve up the lion’s share of her, maybe work some garlic and onions into the muscle tissue as he ground it up, and serve her to the kids who would absolutely gobble her up. Most of them hadn’t had real animal protein since the Holidays. But just a bit of her, a few slivers, he ate himself.

She was beautiful, no use denying that. He would of course, deny it, in public. No sense in getting carried away and exposing wrong feelings. He couldn’t explain why she was an ugly. The part of his brain that might have developed the capacity of nuance, subtly and specificity of thought had been so underused that it hadn’t atrophied so much as it simply lay dormant. He could recognized the wrongness of her features and hue, but it was an automatic adjudgment, similar to the automatic response of throwing one’s arms out wide when accidentally stumbling. He could recognize what he was doing without recognizing the processes behind it.

He had finished his meager plate of her and began with heavy, industrial knives to strip great ribbons of meat from her, occasionally tossing a thin trimming into the skillet still hot on the stove and quickly swallowing it down, quietly delighting in the how much painful burning of the lips, tongue and throat he was willing to tolerate in order to get away with this wrong action.

The card that came with her didn’t indicate if she had committed wrong thinking or wrong speaking or wrong acting. It just said “WRONG” in big read letters and then, in smaller type underneath “Suitable for 850 1-oz portions, appropriate for ages 6 – 12, not to be served more than four days from date of judgment.” He assumed that whatever she did couldn’t have been that horrible. They wouldn’t let kids eat someone truly terrible he thought as he began to mince the organs, stealing bites here and there. He heard a sudden scrapping sound and looked up alarmed, trying to swallow the purloined lump of liver down quick and accidentally coughing it up instead. Finding no obvious source of the noise, he turned back to her body and blanched.

He had done quite a number on her. There was no way he would be able to get 850 portions out of what he had left. The rich, savory finish she had left in his mouth turned and tasted now of ash. There was no way to cover this up, no way to stretch the tripe and hide the difference. He popped another morsel of her in his mouth and wondered if They would charge him with one wrong action in total or one wrong action for each illicit bite.


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