has an article up today about… I don’t know. It’s gotta be 4000 words long and I just am not going to put the effort into reading what I’m certain can be accurately summed up as “racism, racism, historically inaccurate observation, ethnostate”. Anyway. Today’s equally lengthy DWP was generated by Pteronarcyd:


“High up in the hills, great and wicked Czernobog often rides on his withered nag. And if on his ride he spies a little girl or little boy far off in a distant little town, Czernobog will sometimes think bad thoughts and puff up his cheeks and blow those thoughts out across the land to inspire bad behavior in the child. If your ears, little one, ever ring and you can almost hear words in the ringing and the next thing you know you’re tempted to steal a piece of candy or hurt someone’s feelings or kick at a cat, stop. Stop and really think because you don’t want to do those things. That’s Czernobog trying to fool you, little one. So when you want to do something bad and rash, something that might make your mama cry and you hear a buzzing in your ear you think about what I’m telling you now and remember that it’s wicked Czernobog who wants to do those things, not you and, uh, so don’t do them, I guess. Okay? Good. This is just a story my grandpapa told me in Pilsen when I was young and now I’m a grandpapa too and so I’m telling this story to you now.”

“Uh-huh, okay. Can we go to the park yet?”


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