The Washington Post has an article today suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the guy who spent the past year and a half openly denigrating America’s intelligence agencies really doesn’t take them seriously. Or, as today’s DWP by GrandTDrinker suggests, maybe the problem is that there’s just too much too learn (no link because WaPo doesn’t have that feature. Or maybe it does and I just haven’t spent the time necessary to figure it out. Whatever).


He didn’t get around to looking at the recipe until early in the afternoon. Apparently he was supposed to brine the turkey overnight. Oops. And the brine recipe itself included two ingredients he didn’t have. Then there were the directions for making the stuffing. His eyes glazed over halfway through the third step and what the hell did ‘saute’ mean anyway? Oh well. Also, apparently the sucker was supposed to cook for, like five hours. That would never do. But he also couldn’t let the family think he couldn’t manage Thanksgiving dinner. Come on, any simp could do that. And he wasn’t a simp. He would show them.

He took the turkey out of the freezer and carried it out to the garage where he fired up the deep fryer. He dumped the frozen bird in and the entire garage, plus the monster of this story, both went up in flames.


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