From the sometimes-words-have-consequences file comes the story of a Trump supporter who enthused all over a plane full of people and consequently will no longer be allowed to fly the friendly skies.

WorldNetDaily, the website which once banned one of my Disqus profiles for being insufficiently pro-Trump (sample quote: As a captain of industry Trump is clearly very sharp. But I don’t think he’s very smart as a candidate or political thinker) is apparently okay with Leonidas‘ DWP:


He ran. He ran because the torment was coming. Even running he could still hear it; could still hear the torment’s awful chants and howls carried to him on the wind at his back. The torment was aggressive and would rip him apart if it ever caught him.

He ran. He ran because standing still created the torment in the first place. His complacency, his contentedness, his naivety-born sedentariness spawned the thing that now threatened to overrun and erase him for the sheer, shocking joy of violence against a the grey background of his life.

He ran. He ran because it was the only way to overcome the torment. The torment was despicable and brutal and cruel above all else. But it was also stupid. It saw him run and imagined that he was running from it. The torment never considered, could physically and emotionally not consider, that he was running for strength. Running towards safety was a kinetic act of freedom and freedom was a fuel that burned longer and brighter than the bile that powered, and in turn would itself consume, the torment.


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