Here are two facts which share a correlation but no actual causation: 1) Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in Broadway’s Hamilton addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence two weeks ago from the stage and 2) Hamilton just grossed a record-setting amount of money.

But oh, how The Daily Caller wishes desperately the one caused the other. They don’t explain why they think those two things should have a causal relationship or how it would have happened. Thankfully the comment section is full of ideas. Including this DWP from the adorably delusional DatBus:


“As a child, I loved Grandpa and Grandpa’s house. I remember being small enough to hide behind the books with titles like “The Globalists Next Door” and “It Happened There, It Will Happen Here: The New Bolshevism”stacked precariously on the floor.

When it was just Grandpa and me he would go undo the locks on the cellar door and we’d go downstairs together. I would marvel at all his guns and found the racks and racks of toilet paper uproariously funny. Then we’d go back upstairs to the den to snack on the sweets and fizzy sodas he had found among the cases of canned tomatoes. While we ate he’d play cassette tapes of old radio dramas, none of which I can remember now because he would always talk over actors, complaining about how terrible TV was and how corrupting it’s influence was on America.

And when I stayed overnight he would pull the Murphy bed out of the wall in his study-room, which was a treat itself, then tuck me in, ruffle my hair and tell me stories of how one day it would just be him and me, making a go of it in a new world, fighting the forces of the UN and trying to wake up the people mentally enchained to it’s liberal heresies.”

“Have you seen your grandpa recently?”

“No. At a certain point I stopped going over to see him. I don’t know. I kind of grew up and he kind of didn’t.”


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