The American Conservative (started in part by Jerry Fallwell and one-time employer of Richard “Roman Salute” Spencer) recently published an almost willfully obtuse, and bizarrely anti-conservative article about the concept of normalizing (my take away, The American Conservative wants to embiggen government by criminalizing a lot of things that don’t need to, and shouldn’t, be criminalized)

And then there’s commenter maybe another time whose DWP suggests that maybe this whole article is a great opportunity to talk about how passive-aggressive government employees are:


Pastor Terry white-knuckled the lectern. He swept his eyes over the 13 attending members of the congregation. Today’s turnout was impressive. “And that’s why, hard as it maybe to accept, that those of us who live our beliefs, live our convictions, will surely perish from this Earth.” Sweat dribbled down his left cheek and he felt light-headed. “We will not sit quietly in the face of oppression. We will not just silently cheer on people who stand up. We will stand up! We will yell and scream and lash out at bigotry, at prejudice, at inequality wherever we find it. We will break our arms throwing them out wide enough to embrace everyone as a brother so long as they too stand for integrity and honesty and refuse to scrape their knees in subservience to power that is corrupt and corrupting!”

The Johnsons stood up and left through the sanctuary’s wide double door.

“If we are to truly live in Jesus’ spirit then we must be alive to the fact that there is no goodness to be found in accepting things the way they are. There is no value to quietly tolerating what is patently intolerable. There is no love in allowing demagogues to arouse passions and anger against our neighbors, whoever they are! And so I submit to you that to truly earn the title “Christian” we must put ourselves out there in a radical way. And if you aren’t willing to do that, you aren’t ready to sit in these pews.” Pastor Terry let go of the lectern, stepped back and wiped his forehead down with a linen cloth.

“It’s time, now, to collect today’s offering.” Pastor Terry looked to his left, ready to nod to Gladys and give her the okay to take the small tin plate around, only to find that she wasn’t there. Pastor Terry looked back at the 11 attendees.

“Please come back next week for my sermon: It’s cool. Maybe just don’t buy from a puppy mill, okay?” He laughed nervously because he wasn’t yet sure if it was a joke or not.


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