Hat tip to @TruthTables for hipping me to this article from The Guardian about an unfaithful elector.

Slow, sad, head shake to Gabriel55 for providing me this DWP:


The Gradsons are a large family that fill up, and spill out of, several small, dirty houses on several small, dirt-lined streets up and down town. They do not know how to study and so are not, by and large, well educated. Maybe one in 10 has progressed as far as an associate’s degree. They do not know how to follow routines and so they are not, by and large, fully employed. Maybe one or two in four hold steady jobs. They do not know how to compromise and so they do not, by and large, maintain fulfilling relationships. Maybe two in five have found themselves, on the whole, more often in healthy relationships than toxic ones.

But what the Gradsons do know how to do was fight. And they fight constantly. They fight amongst themselves. Children fight their parents. Parents fight each other. Cousins snipe at nieces who argue with uncles who berate sisters. Grandparents and grandchildren don’t fight each other much as they tend to have a common enemy but with that exception the Gradsons love to fight each other almost as much as they love to fight outsiders.

They fight the courts who revoke their licenses. They fight bosses who send them home without pay. They fight teachers and politicians and bankers who promise them opportunities that never materialize or can’t be taken advantage of.

They fight neighbors for being standoffish with their noses in the air. Or they fight neighbors for being busybodies with their noses everywhere but in the air. They fight strangers for being strange and children for being loud and the elderly for being slow.

They get naught for their fighting but bruises and trouble and they know it. They don’t know much but fighting but they are not dumb. They know the risks and punishment their fightings engender and they willingly pay the price. Because if they are going to be torn down, ripped asunder and thrown away, and they most certainly are, they are going to be the ones doing the tearing down, the ripping asunder and the throwing away, thank you very much. They fight because if they don’t do those things to themselves then progress, which has no use or place for people who don’t know how to study, follow routines or compromise, will do it for them.


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