Well, WorldNetDaily has decided to boycott Kellogg’s. In a heartening sign, the very first comment asks the important question, “was Kellogg’s even advertising on WND to begin with?”

In a less-heartening sign comes today’s word-soup DWP from RJLigier:


Kevin Wills slammed the tip of his index finger down on the period key and then, with equal strength, the enter key. His message, a purposefully bizarre mixture of portmanteaus, leetspeak, punctuation marks and references to long dead, generally forgotten historical figures and discredited pseudo-scientific concepts, appeared almost instantaneously. Kevin expected to feel accomplished, if not proud, of serving BeausMama84, who had for some mysterious reason wanted to share both an apple pie recipe and hatred for Communists in response to an article about declining birthrates in Japan, a little bit of her own medicine.

But he didn’t.

(Post-script: I don’t normally do this since I think my stories are shallow and obvious enough to speak for themselves, but just in case the subtext here isn’t clear, I probably won’t be maintaining this blog for much longer. FYI).


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