The Washington Post has a cursory review of why so many conservatives in this nation are unable to tell the difference between a real tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting and made-up nonsense like HRC’s Comet Ping Pong pedo-ring.

Today’s DWP, written by Gregorio Feo, is a case in point mixture of bravado, schadenfreude and willful ignorance:


Ants scurried frantically out of their hive as the smoke billowed through the tunnels they had spent years constructing. The Queen was dead, one final chemical command relayed to them before the toxic air choked her: SURFACE!

The poured out by the hundreds.The crawled over and between stalks of grass as a swollen crowd of isolated units;  scared, disoriented, lonely and desperate. They crawled and wrenched themselves across the earth, maimed and half dead and half paralyzed but still alive and blindly angry. And heading towards the house of the man who poisoned their home.


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